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Why choose Debao oil-water fryer ?

The oil-water fryer are specially developed for restaurant, fast food shops. It can fry many kinds of snack food at one time. 
1.Clever use the principle, prolong the oil quality
Use the principle that oil, water and animal oil have different proportion while frying: the sediment will sink into the water, the animal oil will sink under the vegetable oil.
It solve the problem that the fry oil will going bad because repeat heating the sediment, animal oil and vegetable oil.
2. Improve the quality, ensure the safety
Adopt special process to separate sediment from animal oil, combine with central heating effectively control the upper and lower reservoir convection, to ensure that all kind of reservoir are pure, the fried food is not only good tasty, beautiful performance, but also high quality and long shelf life.  
3. Easy to operate, improve work efficiency.
Oil-water fryer equipped with advanced thermostat, you can adjust the temperature from 0- 230℃, according the food to set right temperature, the thermostat will heating on and off automatically. It is easy to operate and save energy, improve work efficiency.  
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