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The technology requirement of the deep fryer

With the fryer appears, people began to accept fried food. The vacuum frying machine make more and more people love fried food. So what technically the frying machine ask for?
1. The fryer’s circuit control system should be safe, reliable, accurate. 
Each electrical connectors must be connected securely and give a number.
The operation buttons should be flexible. And fryer need be equipped with emergency stop button.
Indicating light appears normally, comply with the requirement of GB 5526.
The conductive wire within the fryer can’t be exposed.
2. Temperature control:
Thermal medium temperature adjustment gradient of the fryer should less than 2 degrees. 
The fryer’s  heat transfer medium temperature increases speed more than 6 ℃ / min.
3. The fryer shell temperature less than 45℃ 
4. The fried food pass rate should more than 80%, 
Qualified products’ quality should be consistent with GB 16565-2003 standard.
5.  When apply 500Vd.c. between the power circuit conductors and the ground protection circuit, the insulation resistance should be not less than 1MΩ
6. The appearance quality
Surface-treated parts should be uniform color, no blistering, no spots, no corrosion and other defects. 
7. Safety guard 
The fryer should be equipped with safety guard device, and affixed warning signs. Especially to paste prevent burns, fire leak-proof identification.   
8. The fryer should be comply with the requirement of GB 16798 “Food Machinery Safety and Health” 
9. The equipment should resistance heating, chemical and mechanical action. It should be easy to clean and disinfect, comply with food hygiene requirement. Equipment color can not make effect to the products’ quality or pollution evaluation.     
10. The components applied for equipment surface should have good processing property (bendability, cutability, weldability, surface hardness, can be grinding).    
The fryer’s heating system (including electricity, gas, oil, coal(carbon) )shall comply with the relevant production license regulations.     
11. The fried food can not for the fryer reason that led to acid value,peroxide value, carbon value, total arsenic, lead, and microbial indicators over GB 16565-2003 standard.    

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