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The maintain and repair of the puffed food fryer

1. The body bearing should filling grease on time. The fryer need to change grease after it operate 500 hours.
2. Other bearing parts should inject grease on a regular basis.
3. In the process of dismantling, don’t use a hard matter to hit the wearing part, like nut and screw.
4. The puffed material should be cleaned, protect from damage to the part of metal foreign body into the machine.
5. Check the quality of fryer machine, pay attention to the change of wearing parts.
6. Keep cleaning in the surrounding of equipment. 
7. When you don’t use the fryer machine for long time or replace puffed materials. Clean the materials in fryer tank, in avoid agglomeration, mildew or cross contamination between materials.
8. Due to the wear part in discharging port are more easy damaged than feeding port, so when replace the wearing part, you should star from discharging end, and do not replace too much parts one time.   

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