Professional manufacturer and sale Fish frying line

Fish frying line
Application Case

Nuts frying line

Equipment introduction:
This line is specially developed for shallow frying and deep frying of nuts, peanuts.

Equipment composition

Infeed conveyor  fryer(oil filter)   conveyor   de-oiling machine  conveyor  flavoring machine(powder feeder)  conveyor  

Infeed conveyor:convey the products into the fry evenly.

Fryer:Usually nuts wiill fall down to the bottom of fryer while frying. So we using single net belt with high scraper to keep the products go ahead. In this way we can get the best quality products.
Oil filter:this is our patentproducts using for filtering the sediment while frying
Non-coat of filter paper and filter aid agent. It can continuous working for a long time. Equipment with self-cleaning system no need for human doing, save labor costs.

Conveyor:convy the fried products into the de-oiling machine.

De-oiling machine:Certifugal de-oiling and continuous working, the de-oiling time can be adjusted, frequency conversion control speed, frequency conversion trig.

Conveyor:Convey the finished products to the flavoring machine.

Flavoring machine:Continuous flavoring machine. We can adjust the tube speed and powder feeding speed to get the best mixing effect.

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