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How to fry delicious potato chips yourself ?

The potato chips are a popular snack food. And when you would like try to make it yourself, what should you do? Please see below, 
1.Choose good quality potatoes, the shape and size should be evenly. The outside color are same, less sprouted, high starch and solids and low sugar.
2. Cleaning the dirt and impurity on the surface of potatoes
3. Remove the peel of potato 
4. Cutting the potatoes into uniform slices
5. Put the potato slices into water, wash out the starch on the surface of potato slices
6. Strip down part of the water and partial damage the active enzyme all in potato slices
7. Remove the water of the potatoes chips.
8. Use the fryer to fry the potato chips, until the chips color change golden. 
9. Let the chips cool.
10. Make the seasoning powders evenly spilled on the surface of the chips.

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