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Fish frying line
Application Case

French fries potato chips frying line

Equipment Description: 
It is a universal type puffed food frying can produce a variety of pasta food extrusion molding, such as potato chips, French fries and so on.
Equipment composition: 
Cutting and extruder machine---Conveyor---frying machine ---(included continuous filter) --- De-oiling and cooling convey---Flavoring machine (Powder machine)---Conveyor---Auto-weigher packer

Cutting and extruder machine: Materials will be extruded
Conveyor: Convey the materials to fryer. Use food-grade engineering module conveyor belt.
Frying machine: As we know the puffed products will always floating on the oil surface while frying. So we suing single net belt with dial wheel device to make them sink and drown in oil all the time. In this way we can get the best quality goods.
Continuous filter: This is our patent products using for filtering the sediment while frying. Non-cost of filter paper and filter aid agent. It can continuous working for a long time. Equipment with self-cleaning system no need for human doing, save labor costs.
Deoiling and cooling convey: Machine construction in stainless steel net belt and equipment with two axial flow fans on the top and one collect oil pan on the bottom. It will be de-oiling and cooling the goods at the same time.
Flavoring machine: It is one of the main equipment of continuous frying line. Used for lump, flake, granular food Fried powder, mixing materials.The tube’s angle of inclination, speed of overturning and feeding quantity are can be adjusted.

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