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Fish frying line
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Advantages of Fish frying line

Fish frying line Feature
1.As the density are different between the water and oil, the water is in the bottom, and also the
draff will drop into the water, so it could avoid repeating heat for the draff, it will be very good for
the health. And could make the oil is clean to use for longtime.
2.The mix art will save the oil. When it is heating, the water will be vaporize, and the steam
will enter into the oil, with will reduce the vaporize of oil. The middle heating system could adjust
the temperature, so it will be helpful for the extending the using, and reduce the pollution.
3.There is the advanced the temperature control system, the oil temperature could adjust from
the normal temperature to 230 degree celsius.
4 .The machine is made by stainless steel, which meet to the GMP standard.

Fish frying line is specially developed for very small fish. The whole processing line including material handing system, material processing line. It can the greatest degree of reduce artificial factors. In order to ensure the highest efficiency to get more high quality products.Welcome customers to visit our company.
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